Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Step 1 for RecordingNewb

I've been playing music for roughly 17 years. Although home production and recording is relatively new to me, I wanted to create a page with useful tips and tricks on how I get my sound.

First things first, you're going to need a good Digital Audio Workstation to get started. I personally recommend Cockos Reaper.

Once you've installed Reaper, you're going to want to configure it to allow you to hear your guitar and record properly. You may have to look online for instructions on how to do so, as I can't go through that since there's so many different pieces of hardware you might be using.

Now that you have your devices and DAW configured, you might want to start looking at various effects for your sound. I personally use several which are the following: Amplitube Guitar Rig Amp Simulators and Impulses (Free)  Some of the effects I also use are built right into Reaper. Load up a track in Reaper and arm it for recording by clicking the little red button on the left hand side of the track.

Once you hear your clean guitar playing back through your headphones or speakers, then you're good as gold. Now you can start loading some effects and playing around with them to change the sound of your guitar completely. Try recording a segment of you playing and see how it sounds playing back, now change the effects you're using and see the difference.

If you've made it this far, now you can really start recording multiple tracks and overlaying sounds to create your own unique tone.

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