Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Reverse Reverb Effect

Here’s a quick trick on how to produce reverse reverb on a track.

  1. Take a recorded track, whether it be guitar/piano/vocals/drums, now duplicate that track so it is  identical to the first one. 
  2. On the newly created track, add a reverb plugin and make the settings 100% wet with as much reverb as possible (as long as it sounds decent).
  3. Now you’ll need to reverse the track. In Cockos Reaper, you can right click on the track and select “Reverse track to new take”. 
  4. Right click on the track and select "Apply Effects to new Track"
  5. Reverse the track again so the peaks line up with the original track. And keep the same reverb effect active on the track so the hits between the 1st and 2nd track blend in together.
  6. Now you can cut sections of the track so the reversed reverb builds up when the original track hits. Meaning, for vocals, cut the 2nd track at the point where the first tracks vocals start. You can do this at several sections in the track as you see fit.

This effect sounds awesome on big hits, pianos, vocals. Try it out and let me know how it works for you. 

Questions/comments, don’t hesitate to ask.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Targeted Results

Matched Content Keywords

Like many of you, one of the things I try to do with my music is to get my name out and get it noticed.
The way this works, for the most part, is through tags (keywords) that users search for on google/bing, youtube, facebook, etc…

One thing I struggled with for a long time was which tags to add to my videos and website to get the most amount of hits possible. Thanks to my partner network Fulscreen.net, I discovered the use of Google Adwords Keyword Tools. THIS THING IS AMAZING!!!

Hopefully the link works for you, if not just search for Adwords Keyword Tool, and you’ll find it.
I typed in the most common search terms/tags that I thought users would type in while looking for my kind of content, and hit search. Not only do the results show you all kinds of variations of the search terms, but they rank them by global monthly searches, and local monthly searches. 

I sorted the results by global rank, and now I have myself a huge list of very popular search terms to tag my online content with. Thus allowing my content to be found higher up in the results and allowing it to show up more often because of the different variations of the search terms I’ve found. 

Give it a shot and benchmark your content to see if you see a significant spike in results.

Best of luck!!